Thursday, 22 July 2021 14:37

Reminder: Change of Mailing Address

Has your mailing address changed?  Click here to download our Change of Address form to complete and return to us.  Don’t forget to notify MPAC of your mailing address change.  Our systems work together during tax season and the correct mailing addresses will ensure a smooth transmission of information and decrease the possibility of notices being returned to us. 

New to Merrickville-Wolford?  If you have recently purchased property in Merrickville-Wolford, please check with the local Post Master with regards to getting a Post Office Box or rural delivery set up.

Tax Notices are issued twice a year.  Keep an eye on your mailboxes at the beginning of February and July for your Interim and Final Notices.  Tax deadlines do not change.  Supplemental Tax Notices can be sent at any time throughout the year.