Sizzling Summer Fun Program - 2019

Summer Camp 2019

Dates: July 2nd - August 30th, 2019

Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

2019 Camp Director

Charlotte Hitsman

Age Group:

6 - 12 year olds


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Weekly Themes:

Summer Adventures Begin! (July 2nd to 5th)The counsellors and Sizzling Summer Camp want to welcome all campers to our 2019 summer season! This week we will be exploring new activities and participating in some scavenger hunts and many other adventures. We will have a blast searching for exciting adventures around the town and our summer camp and hope you will join us! There will be a field trip to the Diefenbunker, extra field trip fee.

Hollywood Magic Week (July 8th to 12th) This week at Sizzling Summer Camp is all about the magic of Hollywood! We will be dressing up as our favorite characters, making costumes and playing movie themed games! We are super excited to explore the world of movies and characters and hope you will join us as well!

Music Makers (July 15th to 19th) Music Maker week is all about the different ways we can make music. We will be making our own instruments out of everyday supplies and learning new music activities! Campers will have a chance at the end of the week to perform some of the music they have made throughout the week. Join us for making and enjoying all music! We will have the pleasure of welcoming the Ukulele Kids, extra presenter fee.

Sizzling Sportz Week (July 22nd to 26th) We are hoping for a warm summer and are ready to play some sports! We are going to try all kinds of different sports and even put new twists on them. Come prepared to play lots of games and enjoy the summer heat with Sizzling Summer Camp sportz week!

Wacky Water Week (July 29th to August 2nd) At Sizzling Summer Camp we love to play at the beach and enjoy the summer fun of playing with water. We have water themed activities, water games and lots of water toys to play with! Come and join us for a week of fun and escaping the heat with lots of wacky water activities! There will be a field trip to the Kemptville pool this week, extra field trip fee.

Science Lab Rats (August 6th to 9th)This week we will be learning about different science experiments and activities from many different fields of science! We will be making cool experiments out of simple ingredients and testing what components work best for each experiment we try! We hope you join us in making these interesting experiments during our fun science week.

Our Great Planet (August 12th to 16th) Sizzling Summer camp is exploring our plants and animals on our one great planet. We will be learning about many different animals from all around the world! There will be games and activities on theme with animals throughout this week as well. Come and join us for a week of fun animals and cool creatures! There will be a field trip to Saunders Country Critters, extra field trip fee.

Tomorrowland Week (August 19th to 23rd) – In this week of our summer camp we are going to be focusing on the cool aspects of the future. This will be looking at space travel, robots and anything else that we think the future holds. We will be challenging ourselves to think outside of the box and come up with inventions we think can help humans or that could be a part of everyday life in the future.

Sizzling Summer Camp Chefs (August 26th to 30th)This final week of camp will be all cooking themed! We want to cook and try new things and we will be doing that together! We will be learning the important aspects of cooking and safety while making some exciting things with the group!


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