Community Brand

The Village of Merrickville-Wolford has designed a new brand to carry it into the 21st century. The new brand embraces the strengths of the historic yet dynamic community.

Merrickville-Wolford is recognized as one of the most vibrant communities on the Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – attracting tourists and residents alike to the picturesque historic village and surrounding rural area. The village offers a wide variety of unique shops and businesses, while the rural ward of Wolford is experiencing exciting growth in the food sector as local producers introduce organic alternatives at road-side stands, supporting the global movement toward healthier lifestyle and lifestyle choices.

To foster the ongoing growth and success of Merrickville-Wolford, the municipality is spearheading a marketing and promotional program that will benefit all stakeholders, large and small in the municipality. The municipality has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and the economic development committee, with participation from businesses and the artistic community.

Interviews with a cross-section of businesses and residents of Merrickville-Wolford identified a number of strengths and characteristics. Values identified by these stakeholders included ‘affordable, caring, charming, friendly, historic, walkable, livable, safe and quiet’. Other features included the community’s built assets, such as the Rideau Canal & Waterway, the Blockhouse and heritage buildings.

The branding exercise was undertaken to assist Merrickville-Wolford stay on the leading edge of tourism communities, while recognizing that the area is attracting new residents and visitors drawn to the rural lifestyle within easy commute to the Nation’s Capital.

The project was made possible by funding through the Eastern Ontario Development Program, administered by the Valley Heartland Community Futures.