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RVs, Trailers and Campers: Propane and Barbecue Safety Tips

When Transporting Cylinders:

  • Ensure propane cylinders are upright and secure during transport.
  • Keep cylinder valves closed and protected during transport.
  • Plug or cap cylinder outlets during transport.

When Using Cylinders:

  • Ensure cylinders are upright and secure on a firm footing.
  • Check cylinder connections and hoses for leaks by brushing a 50/50 mix of liquid soap and water onto all connections and hoses. Rising bubbles when you turn on the valve indicate a leak. Tighten connections or repair the hose until there are no bubbles.
  • Keep cylinders away from flame, heat, and exits.

Using Propane in your RV or Camper: 

  • Keep all combustion exhaust vents on the exterior wall of your RV or camper clear of obstructions.
  • Use stovetop burners or ovens only for cooking and not as a source of heat.
  • Propane appliances require an adequate supply of fresh air for proper combustion. Ensure your RV or camper is properly ventilated to prevent build-up of carbon monoxide.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm and propane leak detector.


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New regulations requiring CO alarms in Ontario residences. Click here for more information on the new regulations.